Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) Services

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Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) Services

Roll-on roll-off shipping (often referred to as RoRo) is the preferred method for globally transporting wheeled vehicles. As the name suggests, a vehicle is driven onto a ship, secured below deck, and driven off when the ship reaches its destination. This method is more cost-effective than container shipping and also requires less direct handling of the RoRo cargo.

RoRo can also be used to transport vehicles without wheels, such as boats, helicopters, and heavy plant equipment. In fact, RoRo shipping is often the only viable method of ocean freight transportation for these oversized vehicles, as they may not fit in standard containers. This type of cargo can be wheeled on and off using a specialized platform vehicle.

RoRo shipments are transported on specialized vessels with built-in ramps and weatherproof, watertight holding areas. Many of these ships have designated decks for heavy machinery and tall, outsized vehicles. Cargo of all sizes is blocked, braced, and tied down below deck for the duration of the journey, so shippers don’t have to worry about any movement- or weather-related damage. A lot of ships also have multiple on- and off-ramps so that cargo can be unloaded quickly and efficiently.

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